NEW! Kathrynne's popular book "Eat Well, Stay Well with Parkinson's Disease" is now available for Download in PDF format.

NEW! The first-ever COOKBOOK  just for PD !    >

  • Recipes        
  • Meal menus        
  • Foods richest in antioxidants and flavonoids        
  • One-day menu templates help you to design your own menus



Cook Well, Stay Well - a cook book for people with Parkinson's disease.
Eat Well, Stay Well - a book about nutrition for people with Parkinson's disease.

<  The breakthrough handbook on nutritional issues in PD

  • Protein-levodopa interactions, meal timing      
  • Controlling constipation safely        
  • Maintaining bone health        
  • B vitamin needs        
  • ...much more


Used by PD Support Groups around the country as a group learning tool, and by individuals in their homes, this audio (tape or CD) serves many practical needs   >

  • Consequences of chronic constipation
  • Constipation's effect on PD medications
  • Track your fiber & fluid intake
  • How to increase fiber
Parkinson's disease and Constipation - a book and tape set discussing Parkinson's disease and constipation.
Professionals guide - a professionals guide to Parkinson's disease and Nutrition Therapy.

<   The professional's guide to medical nutrition therapy 
      for people with Parkinson's disease

  • Assessing and managing gastroparesis; its effects on medications        
  • Managing unplanned weight loss        
  • Dealing with levodopa effects        
  • Nutrition support for PD patients on levodopa        
  • Understanding PD medications        
  • Copier-ready patient education materials
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