Parkinson's Disease:
Guidelines for Medical Nutrition Therapy

A manual for use by health professionals.
Kathrynne Holden, MS, RD

The manual is downloadable in PDF format and includes state-of-the-art guidelines, assessment tools, and copier-ready patient handouts for the health professional working with people who have Parkinson's.



The manual contains guidelines on managing the Parkinson-related concerns involved in:


bone loss
fluid needs / dehydration
enteral tube feeding
constipation / fecal impactionoral health
protein-levodopa interactions
unplanned weight loss

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PD-specific Assessment Tools:

Further, the manual contains the unique, PD-specific Assessment Tools. These include a reproducible FOOD/MEDICATION DIARY and guidelines for its use; and the reproducible INITIAL INTERVIEW form, with explanatory text.
The price, including the Assessment Tools, is $38.00.