Nutrition and Parkinson's disease

Diet and Parkinsonís Disease, by "The Parkinson Dietitian," Kathrynne Holden. She specializes in the unique nutrition needs of people with PD. She maintains a priv ate practice, conducts seminars and classes, and continues to research nutrition and Parkinson issues.

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                     156 pages
                      Large type, comb-bound, to lie flat -- easy to hold, easy to follow recipes
: Ch. 1:  Timing meals and levodopa
: Ch. 2:  Controlling constipation // preventing bowel impaction;
: Ch. 3   The importance of fluids // preventing dehydration;
: Ch. 4:   Parkinson's and bone health;
: Ch. 5:   B vitamin needs // B6 and levodop;
: Ch. 6:   Dry mouth, dry eyes, thirst;
: Ch. 7:   Dealing with heartburn / reflux / ulcers / hiatal hernia;
: Ch. 8:   Food, mood, and stress; 
: Ch. 9:   Unplanned weight loss // why it can be a problem, how to prevent it;
: Ch. 10: Chewing and swallowing difficulties;
: Ch. 11: Protein and levodopa;
: Ch. 12: Menus in the 7:1 ratio;
  Ch. 13: Recipes;
  Ch. 14: Shopping List;
: Ch. 15: Medications that mimic Parkinson's disease;
:              References;
:              Appendices listing resources for people with Parkinson's disease and caregivers.


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