Parkinson's Disease and Constipation
A Nutrition Audiotape or CD for People with Parkinson's
Written and read by Kathrynne Holden, MS, RD

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This tape or CD is designed to suit the needs of both individuals and groups. It was produced by a registered dietitian who specializes in Parkinson's disease, and who is familiar with the many conditions, like constipation, that can occur with PD.


Information includes:

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Guidebooks are no longer available.


Why people with Parkinson's often experience constipation
Consequences of chronic constipation
Controlling constipation
'Parkinson's disease and Constipation', a guidebook and tape set by Kathrynne Holden.

The tape/CD can be used as often as desired. It's especially useful to replay it every few months as a "refresher" or reminder of important points. It has been found particularly helpful for those with vision problems or other reading difficulties.

Parkinson support groups may like to use the tape/CD for a support group activity. The leader can start the audio and stop it at pre-selected points, for group discussion. The tape or CD can then become part of the support group lending library, for members to use over and over in future.

Health professionals can use the tape as instructional materials for clients, providing useful information for future visits.

As an instructional aid, a group activity, or for individual use, this tape/CD is an invaluable asset in helping people with PD combat constipation.
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