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Parkinson’s News for the week of November 18, 2016

A weekly roundup of Parkinson-related news stories you may have missed, or might want to read again. Plus delicious recipes to boost the brain and nervous system.


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StepPlus team attempts to aid Parkinson’s patients with wearable tech

It’s great news to see technology used to help analyze and improve PD symptoms. 

News you may have missed
In case you missed it…..

Through an anklet, a team of ASU students wants to help Parkinson’s patients. The team set out to create wearable tech to analyze the gait typically found in Parkinson’s patients.

The device is an anklet that will measure users’ length of steps, notifying the user if their step lengths should be adjusted.


Balance and Stride Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

Chad Moir is administrator of the Parkinson’s Exercise page on Facebook.

In this video shared by Chad Moir, Chad demonstrates exercises that can help Parkinson’s disease patients with balance and stride length. Meet Gregory Chandler, who hasn’t let Parkinson’s disease get in the way of his lust for life.

Vitamin D Deficiency Ups Dementia 53%

There is Widespread deficiency of vitamin D among people with PD. This can increase risk for falls as well as dementia. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend asking your doctor to test your blood level of 25(OH)D – this is the level of vitamin D found in humans.

In the largest study of its kind, not getting enough vitamin D turned out to double the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. See why supplements may not be the answer. Find out which foods to eat.

Parkinson’s stem cell therapy shows signs of safety

This trial was designed to measure the safety of stem cell treatment, not relief of symptoms. However, this is hopeful news

In an early test of its therapy for Parkinson’s disease, International Stem Cell Corp. in San Diego said Monday that the stem cell-based treatment appears to be safe.

The first patient in the Phase 1 clinical trial, conducted in Australia, was treated at the end of July. A checkup three months later found no sign of complications, said Russell Kern, the company’s executive vice president and chief scientific officer.

Hospital admissions rising for elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease

This is unpleasant news; but we should consider that many of these hospitalizations are preventable, by means of nutrition and exercise. Many urinary tract infections are due to dehydration, as people don’t drink enough fluids. Swallowing problems can cause pneumonia and respiratory tract infections by inhaling food or liquid into the lungs. When we don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D, or weight-bearing exercise, fracture risk increases. Fluid intake, managing swallowing problems, diet, and exercise, can greatly lower the risk for all of these concerns.

Researchers in Ireland have found that the top five reasons for hospital admission of PD patients are urinary tract infections, pneumonia, lower respiratory tract infections, aspiration pneumonia and femur fracture.

Eating fiber keeps gut microbes from eating you

We continue to learn more almost daily about the important colony of microbes in our gut. This research used animals, but appears likely to apply to humans as well. It illustrates the value of getting enough fiber in the daily diet.

The gut microbiota plays a crucial role in maintaining our body’s overall health. New research shows what happens if we do not feed our gut microbes with the fiber they need to survive.


Bean Soup With Cabbage, Winter Squash and Farro

Speaking of the need for fiber to feed our microbiome, here is a recipe incredibly rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers. Not to mention heart-nourishing olive oil, quercetin from onion, vitamin A from carrot and squash, complex carbohydrates from beans, vegetables, and farro. All in one bowl!

Wondering what else you can do with the cabbage and winter squash in that box of delivered produce? Here’s a meal in a bowl, perfect for a cold winter night.

Healthier Carrot Cake Cupcakes (grain-free, gluten-free, paleo and dairy-free options)

Do you need to avoid gluten, grains, and/or dairy? Here is a recipe for holiday treats that meets all those restrictions.

As always, be sure to check out Nutrition U Can Live With for more delicious and healthy recipes geared towards those with Parkinson’s Disease!

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